'Suicide Squad' Not Living Up To Expectations; Cast Remains Positive Despite Bad Reviews

"Suicide Squad" is one of the most anticipated movies this year. This comic turned movie, however, disappointed the critics.

The latest movie of DC Comics and Warner Brothers received a lackluster to negative reviews from movie critics. A review from Forbes said it was worse than "Green Lantern" and "Fantastic Four," and that alone says a lot. In the review, it said that the movie ruined its own and did not bother to even fix it. It added that its success will now depend on the movie goers, as to whether they will view it positively and will promote it to other people.

Critics and fans alike were hoping it was going to be better than what the DC Universe released earlier this year. "Batman vs. Superman" also received a disappointing score from critics. Vox believes that it is very hard for a movie to be better than the comics, just like with books. "Suicide Squad" scored 34 on Rotten Tomatoes and most reviews are saying that it does not have the shock factor that is present in the comics

As for the cast, they are sad that the film is not critically acclaimed. However, they are hoping that the fans will love the film. Entertainment Weekly reported that Cara Delevingne, who plays Enchantress, thought that the critics were "horrific." She added that the movie was for the fans. Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman agreed with her. Smith said he was excited as to how the fans will see the movie.

Another cast, Jay Hernandez, who plays El Diablo, was not happy about the critics either. He said he thinks it weird that some critics thought the film would be too much like the comics. He also said that all of the cast and the staff worked hard for the fans.

Amid all those, "Suicide Squad" is expected to earn more than $115 million this weekend in the United States.

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