5 Reasons Trump’s Economic Speech Will Lose The 2016 US Presidential Elections For Him

Donald Trump delivered his major economic speech on Monday in Detroit. Not only did he pause several times when protesters interrupted his talk, economic analysts and even Republican officials condemned him as a careless would-be president.

As we carefully analyze his economic platform, we could not disagree with the critics.

1. Trump’s Speech Mixes Facts And Deception

Trump mentioned that one in five American households does not have a single member in the labor force and the 5 percent figure is one of the biggest hoaxes in American modern politics. The New York Times slammed his outdated statistics by clarifying that in July, the unemployment rate was in fact 4.9 percent and it is compiled by a federal agency that is respected by economists from across the political spectrum.

2. Trump’s Economic Plans Will Only Benefit The Rich

His proposed reduction of the top corporate rate from 35 percent to 15 percent and his suggested deduction of child care charges will only benefit families who reap the highest earnings. Such tax proposals do not justify equality to all sectors of the community, especially families and workers that belong to the middle and lower classes.

3. Trump’s Speech Makes Clinton The Better Choice

The more he hit Clinton with his negative statements about tax management, the more he identifies himself as the less reliable choice for the 2016 US Presidential election. Instead of focusing on strategic reforms and better solutions to address the economic problems of the United States and its people, he shifted his focus on throwing stones at his opponent. 

4. Trump’s Claims Lacks Specific Details

He berated the Obama administration for providing false promises about the trade deal in South Korea and guaranteed better deals when he assumes the presidency. As ironic as he is, he did not provide definite information about his plan, thus, leaving his global audience with confusion.

5. Trump’s Speech Is Just Not Realistic

When Donald went criticized China’s involvement in financial assistance of illegal export and extensive stealing of intellectual property, he failed to realize the truth. According to Politico,The US has no significant trade deal with China and the Obama administration has largely pitched Trans-Pacific Partnership in tariff reduction on US exports.

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