A 'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Manga Series Coming Soon: Release Date And More Information Revealed

There have been a lot of updates revealed in relation to the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" recently. Aside from the famous "Pokemon Go" game that has circled around the world already, there is also manga series  set for release based on "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

"Pokemon Go" is probably the most famous game in the world of smartphones right now. However, Nintendo's charm and Pokemon games will not end there. There has already been a confirmation of a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game that is set to be released on November 18 worldwide, according to Mobipicker.

Along with other Pokemon 3DS games in past years, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will also be adapted into a Manga series. Its preview will run in the September issue of the Coro Coro Comics. This preview shot will show the protagonist named Akira as he sets off on an adventure in the Alola region. He will be accompanied by his partner Rockruff, as reported by Anime News Network.

Just recently, information was released that excited the fans of the series: a new Pokemon will be revealed. Details on the new Pokemon have been vague, but got the fans excited nonetheless. Additional information will allegedly be announced on August 12, according to Serebii.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" games will debut on Nintendo 3DS first in Japan and later in North America. The last Pokemon Nintendo 3Ds games "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" have also been adapted into a Manga series, similar to "Pokemon Sun and Moon." However, the Manga will be released for those versions prior to the release of the Nintendo 3DS games.

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