iPhone 7 Release Date, News & Rumors: The Benefits Of A Dual Camera

Dual lens cameras is a trend that has been showcased by the newest Android devices. As such, there is no question as to why Apple is expected to adopt the same feature in the upcoming iPhone 7.

According to C|Net, the dual lens camera is coming just in time for the iPhone 7 because Apple's camera features are due for an upgrade. At the very least, the publication argues that a dual lens system will result in better exposure latitude than the current one in place. Furthermore, the new system is expected to come with faster autofocus, which will then help create an unfocused background.

Another particular benefit that will come with the dual lens may not exactly be photograph-based. Quite the contrary, a second rear camera could heighten the augmented and mixed reality capabilities of the iPhone 7. After all, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has already stated that the company will put a lot of effort in developing this side of their technology.

However, Business Insider claims that the dual camera system might only be adopted by the larger iPhone 7 - either the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 7 Pro. Either way, it will work by taking two photos that are then merged together to create a singular photo of higher quality.

In particular, the photos that will be taken in low-light environments with the dual lens system will appear much sharper.

The home button is expected to receive an upgrade as well. The redesign will feature a home button that is not exactly tangible anymore. Instead, there will be a pressure-sensitive button that relies on haptic feedback, according to Bloomberg. Moreover, the iPhone 7 is expected to come without the standard 3.5mm audio jack, and will instead make use of either Bluetooth or Lightning accessories.

The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive by this fall, a few months after the release of what is likely its biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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