Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonuses For Xbox One And PS4 Revealed

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 11, 2016 06:40 AM EDT

Final Fantasy 15 has been tagged as one of the best RPG when it was showcased at E3. The game is being promoted as one of the most epic installments in the Final Fantasy Series. Audiences were granted to have a peak of its gameplay during this year's E3. The game will feature massive boss fights, chocobo riding and a post release VR experience.

Square Enix uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel revealing that the studio is still working unto something that will bring in some more excitement to the game. The 'Carbuncle's Surprise' video highlights those who preorders the Final Fantasy XV game may win the exclusive Final Fantasy inspired physical and digital prizes. The contest officially starts at August 1st according to the video. It also states that new winners will be selected every week until the game's official release on September 30.

According to Game Rant, the video reveals some of the prizes that they are fans will surely love which includes Final Fantasy action figures, a full entertainment system, real world clothing from the game, custom Xbox One consoles, exclusive DLC and more despite of the video being so imaginative. The video also highlights some of the game's new gameplay footages that includes and epic train battle showing the main character Noct as he teleports from the roof of a train into a trailing hover ship to infiltrate the enemies inside.

Aside from the enticing new prizes from the 'Carbuncle's Surprise' video, Square Enix also announced the preorder bonuses for the game's Digital Premium version. The rewards varies on the platform like avatar props for Xbox One and a mini soundtrack for PS4. It also includes the in-game items. According to Games Spot, the mentioned Avatar items includes both male and female costumes for Noctics and a Carbuncle pet prop.

The Final Fantasy 15 Digital Premium version which includes the main game and season pass sells for $85 and also comes with six expansion packs. The full list of the preorder bonuses can be seen here. Final Fantasy 15 is set to launch on September 30 for both Xbox One and PS4 while a PC version is still questionable. Assuming if that happens, it will be released later.


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