'No Man's Sky' Review: Multiplayer Match Unlikely But Sony Says Game To Feature Multiplayer Gameplay

A "No Man's Sky" player with the username of Psytokat landed on the same planet that another player has landed on then they agreed to meet up. This is the first time that this is tried out on the game.

This is a very rare occurrence in the game No Man's Sky, considering that there are quintillions of planets that are available in the universes featured in the game. The two players have then decided to continue streaming this incident.

This was tried out on a multi-stream viewer, but even though the two players have done their best and tried out a multitude of techniques, still, they were unable to find each other and cross paths on the same planet. The two players have the usernames of Psytokat and TheGalactusCactus.

A PlayStation Plus subscription is not required, as Sony thinks that it is very improbable for two players to interact with each other, let alone putting them on the same planet. Take note that there are quintillions of planets that one can land on in No Man's Sky, making the probability of being on the same planet to be highly unlikely.

This is very different if one would base it on Murray, an executive at Sony, where he states that it would feature a traditional multiplayer gameplay. Sean Murray also states that this might be the cause of the unexpected volume of players playing at the same time.

Murray says, "We added a 'scan for other players' in the Galactic Map to try to encourage [players finding each other] happening." Finding Easter eggs is also very possible as the players are sharing the same universe with each other.

However, the incident where the two players are on the same planet is still considered as a very rare incident.

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