Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Techniques On Farming Through Pokestops

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 11, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Since the day of its release, players of the worldwide hit game Pokemon Go have been posting several screenshots of their captured Pokemon and they now own numerous different types already. However, some people may still perhaps have difficulties finding Pokemon in their area. Here are some tricks on finding and catching various Pokemon without putting so much effort in walking.

Pokestops are those places where you can acquire items such as Pokeballs, Revive and even Eggs. These stops are located at a particular landmark in your place and indicated as blue icons on the map. Players can only tap and swipe these PokeStops when they are in the range. It will then change its color into purple after swiping the Pokestop icon and collecting all the dropped items. You can wait for the Pokestop to refresh for about 5 minutes or find another one to collect more items.

According to Pokedream, purchasing Lure Modules can give players an edge on finding and catching Pokemon. These modules can only be installed at any PokeStop. Lure Modules are indicated by a showering pink petals on the map. The details about who used the lure will be shown if you click a nearby PokeStop. These stops are actually a great place to find Pokemon especially when used with Lure Module. Most of the players nowadays have created actual farming spots on these PokeStops, for endless counts of Pokemon and supplies.

According to Guide Scroll, you need to consider having these two things upon making your own farming spot. First, your place should have multiple PokeStops and if you're having adjacent ones that would be gold. However, having several walking distance Pokestops is still seems general. This will enable you to double the farm of your supplies and giving you constant Pokemon spawns when using lures. And the other one that you should consider is bringing multiple lures. Having multiple Lure Module is critical and the most important thing when building a farming spot. You can also use incense to increase the chance of finding Pokemon while walking to the Pokestops.

Nonetheless, it is not a requirement that you should always purchase Lure Modules in order to catch many Pokemon. Your best and practical way is to find someone nearby who installs lures and go farm with them together. Through that, you can farm for free and may have a chance on meeting new friends.


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