Leaked Benchmarks Show AMD Zen Summit Ridge Processor Faster Than Intel Core i5 4670K

The first verified preliminary benchmarks of the AMD Zen Summit Ridge CPU have just leaked online.

According to the website wccftech.com, up to this moment, the existent information about the AMD Zen technology has been provided only by AMD's marketing material. But now, the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark database has just leaked the first verified benchmarks of the upcoming AMD Zen processor.

The OPN (Order Part Number) of the leaked AMD's Zen Engineering Sample is 1D2801A2M88E4_32/28_N. The unique identifier of the ZEN Engineering Sample processor is indicated in the first part of the number. The base clock and the turbo clock are indicated in the second part (32/28). This means the benchmarked processor has a 2.8 GHz base clock and a 3.2 GHz turbo clock.

This is the first indication of real world performance of the upcoming AMD Zen Summit Ridge processor from outside sources. However, the leaked benchmarks are not entirely representative for the final product as they are that of the Engineering Sample of AMD Zen. With this in mind, we can use the leaked benchmarks only to achieve a preliminary understanding of the final AMD Zen Summit Ridge product.

According to The Country Caller, Advanced Micro Devices Zen processors are among the most anticipated products of the year. Tech experts expect many big things from AMD Zen Summit Ridge CPU, including better multi-thread performance, stronger core performance, 40 percent more instructions-per cycle and better energy efficiency.

AMD has codenamed "Summit Ridge" its desktop Zen-based processors. The new processors are expected to arrive on the market in small quantities by the end of the year.

The AMD Zen CPUs are highly anticipated by tech experts and consumers alike. Zen Summit Ridge's high performance in gaming is particularly exciting for gamers.

According to AMD, the company will first launch on the market the octa-core and hexa-core Summit Ridge processors. A quad-core version is expected to following later. It is speculated that the two CPUs tested in the leaked benchmarks are the ones to be released first.

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