Pokemon Go Update: Thousands Petition For Nintendo To Make Harambe A Pokemon

Harambe was a gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo who was shot and killed by authorities after a young boy walked into his enclosure. Harambe grabbed the boy, and zoo workers were forced to take desperate measures to prevent the boy from being injured. The incident was captured on video and created a controversy with animal rights saying that the animal should not have been killed in the process. Now there is an online petition that seeks to give the slain gorilla immortality.

It is not really immortality in the strictest sense of the word that the petition is seeking for Harambe, but the next best thing. According to Independent, a petition started by a user named Eric CreamyMemes wants Nintendo to turn Harambe into a Pokemon. According to the petitioner, Harambe deserves to live forever.

The move would not only grant immortality to the gorilla, but more fame too. Pokemon is currently a hot item. Pokemon is currently the most popular game on the planet with record breaking downloads. The game has also pushed Niantic, its publisher the most popular game publisher in the world today. So if Harambe is going to be turned into a Pokemon, the dead gorilla would become even more popular.

Based on a Geek.com report, the petition is seeking 35,000 signatures. There were already 30,000 signatures on the petition and it seems to be on its way to reaching its target. The petition included an artwork that showed how the proposed Pokemon could look like. 

There were two versions of the artwork, the first one is a starter that looks rather cute and the second one was a full version. The petition can be seen as a combination of two of the more popular things that gripped the internet lately, the first one is the killing of Harambe and the second one is Pokemon Go.

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