iPhone 7 Update: New Apple Device To Be Released On September 16; Disappointing New Features Unveiled

The release of the latest iPhone has always been seen as a major event in the tech industry. Apple fans and those who follow the latest trends in gadgets are eager to know what the tech giant has in store for them. The same thing is true for the upcoming iPhone 7 release on September 16.  There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for the latest Apple smartphone, but according to an article on Forbes, analysts are saying that fans should not expect too much or they could face disappointment.

The rumored features of the iPhone 7 might seem exciting and all. Rumors about the iPhone 7 came out as early as 2015 when the iPhone 6s was released. Speculations suggest that it would have 3 GB of RAM and that it would probably run on the A10 processor of Apple. Other speculations suggest that it would have dual-lens camera, which is something that got many Apple fans excited.

There are also suggestions that the iPhone 7 would be coming out as a waterproof device. Another thing that could be different with the latest iPhone is the fact that it could be available in blue. While none of these features have been officially confirmed, there are those that suggest that the iPhone 7 could disappoint.

According to Tech Times, the latest iPhone may not live up to the hype. It looks too similar to iPhone 6s. The popularity of the Apple smartphone is also declining. Analysts also say that Apple could be reserving the big feature changes for the rumored iPhone 8 which is supposed to come out in 2017, the 10th year anniversary of Apple's flagship product.

Rumors about the iPhone 8 makes it sound so radical, with an all glass chassis. Who would want to buy an improved iPhone 6s when a glass iPhone will come out after a year?

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