Samsung Gear S3 Set For IFA 2016 Launch; New Features Revealed

Samsung has never confirmed an actual date when they would be launching the Gear S3, but there are some clues now. According to an article published on The News Independent, Samsung is likely to launch the device on IFA 2016.

Samsung is set to host the IFA 2016 event and they have been handing out invitations for the event which is scheduled for September 1 on Berlin.  The Korean company is sending out invites for the event and that is where people are getting clues about the launch for the Gear S3.

The invites featured clock hands which hinted that the company is planning to launch the Gear S3 during the event. Another indication that the new device will be launched is that the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic were launched at the IFA in 2015.

Experts are predicting that the new device would retain the same design principles.  It is rumored that the Gear S3 would come in three variations. According to the Indian Express, the Gear S3 Explorer is the rugged version of the watch. It is aimed at athletic users.

The watches are also expected to have a rotary bezel design that is similar to last year's version. But the new device is set to include some excellent new features like built-in sensors. It would also have an integrated GPS system.

The Samsung is set to use the Tizen OS. The problem is that the same OS has been causing a lot of problems lately and a lot of people are complaining against it. A lot of people are hoping that some updates would be made to the OS when it is used on the upcoming Gear S3.

Hopefully, Samsung would confirm more details about the Gear S3, its new features and the upcoming launch for the product.

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