'Pokemon Go' Glitch: How To Use One Egg To Dominate A Gym

"Pokemon Go" players game hard to groom and upgrade their Pokemon on a quest to dominate Pokemon gyms.

A Pokemon gym is a virtual stop where you can put your Pokemon to battle with other players. Basically, you can dominate by leaving a Pokemon on an unguarded gym. If a gym is being occupied, you have 2 options. If the dominating party on that gym is your team, you need to beat them with only one of your Pokemons. On the other hand, if it is being occupied by rival teams, you have the upperhand of choosing 6 Pokemons to challenge the defenders.

How does the "Pokemon Go" egg glitch affect players?

Warning: trying this glitch puts your "Pokemon Go" account at risk of being permanently banned by Niantic.

Players spend hours walking around to go to Pokestops and collect essential Pokeballs and Potion. All that effort will be gone to waste when you realize you enter a gym and face an unbeatable egg! 

According to Gamerant.com, this is due to an upsetting glitch that allows "Pokemon Go" players to defend gyms with eggs instead of an actual Pokemon. Basically, eggs are not Pokemon, meaning they do not have written logic for moves and also no HP and CP. In a sense, an egg guarding a "Pokemon Go" gym is unbeatable. This exploit allows players to harvest virtually unlimited Pokecoins, the in-game currency. You are rewarded Pokecoins in proportion to the length of your reign in a Pokemon gym.

What's worse is that teammates can do the same thing, guarding "Pokemon Go" gyms with mere eggs can make the whole gym unbeatable.

Should these cheaters be reported?

There is no official report yet that this "Pokemon Go" glitch is legitimate but if you do spot one, you can report it to Niantic.

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