iPhone 7 Update: New Leaks Reveal Disappointing Features

Apple decided to not use a headphone jack for the upcoming iPhone 7. Based on unofficial reports from various sources, Apple's two revolutionary innovations are considered by many as not "innovations" but rather calling them "drawbacks".

Although this is subject to one's own perception, still it is inclined to be more on giving the upcoming iPhone 7 potentially huge losses.

Shocking Revelation #1: Stereo Speakers No More

Nowhereelse.fr, a French site that is a reliable source for news like these, shows a schematics diagram of the new iPhone 7. The schematics state that the new second speaker grill that is located on the bottom side of the iPhone 7 is only for cosmetic and decoration purposes.

The new feature is also pursued to make up for the space that is given out by removing the headphone jack.

Shocking Revelation #2: Touch Sensitive Home Button No More

Most of the innovations and improvements that are featured in the iPhone 7 are focused on the software specs, instead of the hardware physicality. The most noticeable improvements include a more effective battery that has better performance and has a bigger size and a dual camera that is only featured in the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro models.

However, the home button will not anymore be seen, leaving the traditional look and feel of an iPhone gone. The iPhone 7 has now transitioned into becoming more of like the MacBook as it will use a touch sensitive button that only uses the haptic feedback that is generated when one touches it.

Furthermore, it simulates that of an actual physical touch. It would surely be more reliable and consistent for an iPhone user to have a fix button, as this not only saves space in a physical standpoint but also enables future software to put a gesture support that is scheduled on a later date.

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