'No Man's Sky' Is Now Available On PC; Screenshots From The Game Looks Amazing In 4K

The much anticipated open-universe survival game No Man's Sky has been launched on PC. Several weeks ago, after the game was first launched on Playstation 4. Several reviews and footage coming from players who was the first to try the game and the leaked screenshots were astonishing. Now, with the game available on PC, players are hyped to experience the game's environment on their own machine.

Because PC specs varies on computers on each player has, the game's developer, Hello Games, included several settings that enable players to adjust the game's images that suit to their own setup and preferences. According to the Nvidia's GeForce blog, the graphics settings that are configurable includes Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic, Generation Detail, Reflection Quality, Texture Detail and Shadow Detail. You can also crank the resolution and by disabling V-sync, you can run No Man's Sky as fast as your CPU, GPU and monitor could offer.

According to Tech Radar, some users have posted some leaked images of the game in maxed out 4K resolution from the random generated planets. Based on the leaked photos, players will undeniably enjoy the game's experience on a maxed resolution. Based on the reports, the PC version will offer various settings to adjust the in-game graphics that enables players to play with their desired settings.

According to Polygon, No Man's Sky will also feature rebinding of the game's controls for both spaceship and ground gameplay. This will enable players to assign their desired keys for a corresponding game action whether playing on both keyboard and mouse or a gamepad alone. That feature was not offered on the game's console version causing it to become a point of contention. And several players are annoyed on the sprint function which was assigned on to the right stick instead on the left one of the Dualshock 4 controller.

No Man's Sky's PC version will be streamed by Nvidia on Twitch channel briefly after the official launching. As for the moment, take a brief look of the leaked screenshots here courtesy of Tech Radar.


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