Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Breakup: Justin Says Selena Cheated With Zayn Malik

It seems that there are more to the Bieber-Gomez breakup than what was revealed before. A few years have passed already after the couple broke up, but there are new revelations coming out.  According to a report by E Online, details about the breakup came out after Bieber's relationship with Sofia Richie became public.

It all started when Bieber's fans reacted negatively to his relationship with Richie. Apparently, his fans did not approve of the relationship and they were pretty vocal about it. He threatened to set his Instagram account to private if they continued being hateful towards Richie.

Selena told him to be treat his fans better, but Justin said something else and then things went downhill from there. The former couple started accusing each other of cheating.

Justin accused Selena of cheating with Zayn Malik. That heated exchange happened over Twitter. Gomez did not respond after Justin's mention of Malik's name.

According to Time, fans of Bieber have varied reactions. Some of them are grateful that Selena stood up for them.  Other fans were amazed at how she handled the difficult situation with her ex. Others were following the feud online just so they could be spectators to the latest celebrity feud.

For now, the exchange between the two has died down, but some fans are still hoping that they could get to see more. Many are particularly intrigued by the fact that Zayn's name has been dragged into the exchange.

Nothing has been heard from Malik about his name being mentioned by Bieber. If he ever opens his mouth about it, then the exchange is far from over. Fans are eager to know more about what happened between him and Gomez if Justin's accusation is true.  Hopefully, he will say something about it in the future so that things can be clarified.

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