Pokemon Go Guide: How To Level Up And Evolve Pokemon Faster

Pokemon Go players can level up and evolve their Pokemon pets faster using these simple tips. These steps may not be the most popular ones but they are the surest way to level up your Pokemon faster.

1. Most Numerous And Weakest Pokemon Creatures Are The Best

Most Pokemon Go trainers would like to catch the most powerful Pokemon creatures out in the wild. But players who are still starting the game should concentrate on the most plentiful and weaker Pokemon creatures, according to CNET. Players who level up will soon start encountering the stronger Pokemon creatures.

2. Exchange The Weak Pokemon For Candy

Catching strong Pokemon creatures in the wild can be difficult. But players can always evolve their current Pokemon by using candies. Trainers could trade candies for every Pokemon creature they catch. This means the more Pokemon creature a player catches, the more candies for evolving their pets.

3. Catching Rare Pokemon Does Not Help

Many Pokemon Go trainers spend a lot of time capturing rare Pokemon creatures for bragging rights. However, trainers could hardly use them since they will require a lot of candies to evolve. Since these Pokemon creatures are rare, that could take a long time. This will also slow down the leveling up process.

4. Lucky Egg Increases XP leveling

Finding a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go is indeed a lucky event. Trainers who use a Lucky Egg have at most half an hour to double their XP points in the game. A single Lucky Egg can evolve up to 60 Pokemon creatures. A trainer who could accomplish such a feat gets around 60,000 experience points. That is roughly the equivalent of three to six trainer levels.

5. Use Two Smartphones To Evolve More Than 60 Pokemon Faster

Pokemon Go trainers who want to evolve more than 60 Pokemon creatures need to use to different cell phones but logged in to their same account. The trainer could start the evolving process with one phone then evolve the rest of the way with the second phone.

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