'Pokemon Go' News: Legendary Birds Confirmed

A month ago ComicBook.com's Facebook page predicted how the Legendary Birds would look like in Pokemon Go. Well, the news gets more exciting as confirmation for Pokemon Go Legendary Birds hit Pokemon Go News' Twitter!

The tweet shows how a graphic depicting how a player would manage a Legendary Bird event. Based on that statement, a Legendary Bird event would not happen of course if there aren't any Legendary Birds! Check out the actual post here:

What is are Legendary Birds?

Meet Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres---the next addition to Pokemon Go. These are the first legendary trio in the Pokemon universe. Here's a general idea on how they look like and their abilities. Take note that these data is from the Pokemon Universe and is not yet confirmed to be on Pokemon Go.

 Ice  Flying

 Electric  Flying

 Fire  Flying
1 Roost
Hurricane Zap Cannon Hurricane
Freeze-Dry Drill Peck Sky Attack
Gust Peck Wing Attack
Powder Snow Thunder Shock Ember
8 Mist Thunder Wave Fire Spin
15 Ice Shard Detect Agility
22 Mind Reader Pluck Endure
29 Ancient Power
36 Agility Charge Flamethrower
43 Ice Beam Agility Safeguard
50 Reflect Discharge Air Slash
57 Hail Rain Dance Sunny Day
64 Tailwind Light Screen Heat Wave
71 Blizzard Drill Peck Solar Beam
78 Sheer Cold Thunder Sky Attack
85 Roost
92 Hurricane Zap Cannon Hurricane
Moves in bold are STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Credit: (Credit : bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net) - Click here for more details.

How does this work?

You need to collect "Legendary Feathers", their locations are being announced by the "Team Leaders". Each team will have a sort of virtual leader per-se. Once you have collected the said feathers, you need to approach a Pokemon Go gym dominated by your team color. Once in, a Pokemon Go Legendary Bird will land on that gym. Unfortunately, as per update, these birds cannot be caught, not yet. However, if you win a battle against one of them, you will receive a new type of ball named after your team; Team Valor Ball, Team Mystic Ball, Team Instinct Ball. These team balls offer 100% catch rate for Legendary Pokemons, details on Legendary Bird sighting is yet to be confirmed. By the way, you can only own one Legendary Bird based on your team color. For more details you may visit Otakuart.com.

But wait, there's more... Pokemon Go trios!

According to Bulbapedia: "Being the first Legendary trio, they set the standards for future trios; that is, they all share similar attributes and-in the case of most of the future trios-are considered equal among themselves." Based on that statement, there's a huge probability that other trios will be introduced to Pokemon Go. After all, Niantic has to maintain the game's hype considering the millions of downloads this app has had in over a span of months. So stay tuned to itechpost.com for updates on Pokemon Go Legendary Birds.

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