Sony Enables PS4 To Create And Organize Folders Via Codename: 'Shingen' 4.0 Firmware Beta

We all want to be organized--- our PC's have folders, our phones have clusters or app groups, even our music apps have organized playlists.

Want to organize your PS4 games the way you do with your PC or other devices? Then you might want to checkout Sony's beta update. According to The Verge, codename Shingen or 4.0 firmware Beta, will focus mainly on user interface. One of the biggest features to be rolled out is the ability to create custom folders so you can organize your games and apps.

So there you have it, no more ranting about your PS4's confusing way of organizing games and apps. No more extra minutes spent on finding that specific app you need to use right away. With the upcoming folder organization feature, there's no one to blame if your apps or games get misplaced but you.

No more screen hogging!

Another awesome update is that when you share or look at quick menus, these will no longer load to a full screen, taking over your TV while you are playing. No more full-screen distractions, these will load into windows instead. It doesn't stop here, it is reported that you can also add and remove items in the quick menu. I am beginning to think the PS4's 4.0 firmware will now act more as an Operating System.

More features in store after Beta!

The Verge also states: "The final update will have features that aren't in the beta, and we don't know when it will come to all PlayStation 4 users, although Sony says it will release more information in the coming weeks."

To sum things up, the 4.0 update will focus more on user interface and user experience, something Android and iOS have been doing with phones. Will this start the revolution of console firmwares? Will consoles act as PCs in the future? Find out by always checking our tech news at

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