Galaxy Note 7 In-Depth Review: Samsung's Best Ever Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
A view of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and a case during a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, August 2, 2016 in New York City. Photo : Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Countless reviews suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that this is the best smartphone the tech company has ever designed.

According to Engadget, since the South Korean company has launched its very first Galaxy Note phone in the year 2011, Samsung has come a long way. Somehow, somewhere along the way, Samsung has transformed the Note line from a curiosity into a premium device that even outshines the Galaxy S line.

This year's Galaxy Note model, the $850+ Note 7, uses Samsung experience in designing the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. In the process of developing the new Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean tech giant ends up creating its best smartphone ever.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Design

According to The Verge, the Note 7's combination of glass and metal, rounded corners, soft edges, clear lines and symmetrical sides make the device the best-looking smartphone.

But its design is not only aesthetically pleasing. It also ensures minimal compromises that come with a large screen. The phone's design is functional, giving the device a normal feel despite its massive display.

As part of achieving this, Samsung designed the Note 7 smaller than any other phone in this class. The smartphone is 3.9mm narrower and 5.8mm shorter than the Nexus 6P, 4mm narrower and 4.7mm shorter than the iPhone 6S Plus. The small dimensions of Note 7 make it easier to slip in a pocket, easier to handle and generally nicer to use than any other big screen smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Hardware

The Note 7 comes with an AMOLED quad HD resolution display, slightly brighter and larger than the screen of S7 Edge. The new Galaxy Note 7 also shares other hardware specs with the Samsung S7 Edge.

The Note 7 comes with 4 GB of RAM and is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Both Samsung smartphones share the same excellent cameras, the same expandable storage, a similar capacity battery that feature fast wireless and wired charging and the same water resistance.

In terms of differences, as opposed to the S7's 32 GB of internal storage, the Note 7 comes with 64 GB. Another notable difference is that the Note 7 features a USB Type-C port instead of the old Micro USB jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Pros

The Galaxy Note 7 is a well-designed, ergonomic and comfortable smartphone. Another pro to this year's model of Galaxy Note is its top-tier performance.

The device comes with a beautiful, curved display and with one of the best mobile cameras among its competitors. Another pro to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its excellent battery life. And lastly, but not less important, is the fact that Samsung has cleaned up TouchWiz for a better user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Cons

On the downside, at a price tag of over $850, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a bit expensive, compared with its rivals on the market. Another issue with Samsung's flagship phone is that its newly introduced Iris scanner technology does not work so well with eyeglasses.

The phone's S Pen features is not impressive, according to new users of the Stylus. Another problem is that the updated S Pen feels a bit flimsier.

Summary Review On Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a well-designed and well-built smartphone that combines an ergonomic, water-resistant design with top performance. The smartphone manages to provide overall high-quality and high-performance as well as good review scores on just about every spec and feature.

Galaxy Note 7's battery life and the phone screen are great and the same can be said about its camera as well. The S Pen comes with several neat improvements, even if they cannot be exactly called spectacular.

Due to some uninspired features and its hefty price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 falls short of perfection. However, up to date, the Galaxy Note 7 might be Samsung's best phone.

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