'Devious Maids' Alert: Low Ratings And Other Reasons Behind Season 5 Cancelation

Season 4 of Lifetime's Devious Maids ended with a revelation.  It showed the identity of Peri's killer and it left viewers hanging as to what would happen next. But according to an article from Parent Herald, that season finale could also turn out to be the ending to the entire season. There are a lot of signs pointing out to the fact that the show could be canceled.

After the final episode of the season, Lifetime has not released any official statement about the show or its future. One of the major reasons why there is uncertainty in regards to any new season is because of the poor performance of its last one.

Season 4 ratings of the show in the 18-49 demographic was a 0.30 average. That was a lot lower than the season 3 average which was at 0.46, which translates to 1.36 million viewers. As everyone knows, one of the biggest factors that could cause a show to be canceled is poor performance in ratings. Even a popular TV series could get canceled if it experiences a sudden drop in ratings.

Even the showrunner of Devious Maids was unsure about what's going to happen with the show when she was interviewed.  According to Movie News Guide, the fourth season of the show already showed signs that it was decreasing in popularity.

Season 4 only had 10 episodes, which was three seasons less than season 3. That was an indication that the producers and the network already knew that its popularity was going down. Again, there is nothing official yet, but with all the indications from the past season and the continued silence of Lifetime things do not mean well for the show's future. There is still hope though, because season four was actually confirmed on September. Network executives could be planning on doing the same this year.

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