Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation 4 Neo: Specs, Release And More

Sony is having an event on September 7 that is forecasted to be a big premiere event showcasing the upgraded PlayStation 4. There are invitations sent through email to many people, and it came a day before the reports became viral in the internet, pointing to the first Wednesday in September to be the big day.

The event is named as a "PlayStation Meeting", however, it is still highly unlikely that a low-profile agenda will be discussed in such a high-profile and grandeur setup for the event.

Andrew House, who is the president and the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has officially confirmed to the public that the PlayStation 4 will be having its newer and more improved version. This was after a pre-E3 interview that is conducted together with the Financial Times last June.

It is said that the newer version of the PlayStation 4 will be drastically improved as  it will feature an Ultra HD 4K graphics resolution that will be perfect for the new Ultra HD TVs that are now out in the market. However, it is also important to note that the PS4 will not be phased out as it will be sold together with the standard PS4 versions.

In simpler words, the new console will not be the PlayStation 5, but rather, the PS4.5, as what the critics call it. It delivers a great improvement in the graphics and resolution of the video, while maintaining the compatibility with the standard PlayStation 4s.

There are also speculations that the PlayStation 4 Neo will feature a smoother feel and experience to the incorporation of the VR technology. VR bundles are also a very likely scenario for Sony to feature with the Neo.

On the other hand, VR technology and Ultra HD 4K resolution will also come to the Xbox video consoles in late 2017.

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