'Outlander' Season 3 Update: New Casts, Air Date And Spoilers

By Ray Pilares , Aug 17, 2016 04:26 AM EDT

Fans are very excited with the upcoming new season of Outlander. With the dramatic ending to season two of the show, fans are eager to see what would happen to the characters. According to the Vine Report, the third season of the show will start twenty years from the last episode.

Jamie and Claire will start off in a sea adventure. On top of that, there are new characters who are expected to appear in the new season. This is expected since the new season of the show is based on the third Outlander novel entitled "Voyager".

One of the characters expected in the third season is Lord John Grey. While the character did appear in the second season, it was as a teenager. This time the role would be played by an older actor to account for the passage of time. The Lord John Grey in the second season was still in his teens and was played by Oscar Kennedy.

Other characters who are expected to appear in the third season is Mr. Willoughby or Yi Tien Cho, and  Marsali, the daughter of Laoghaire. In the book, Yi Tien Cho is a scholar from China who would stowaway in a ship until he is found in the docks and taken in by Jaime. He would accompany Jaime and Claire on their voyage to the Caribbean.

In the book, Marsali is a teenage girl who also joins the journey. She dislikes Claire initially but would come to treat her like a mother. Producers have not confirmed the inclusion of these characters in the new season but many fans of the book expect them to appear.

According to, Outlander season 3 is expected to air on 2017 and there will be many dramatic events there just as the fans are hoping.

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