'Stranger Things' Season 2 Updates: Who Is Eleven And Why She Is So Important

There have been many speculations as to who Eleven is in "Stranger Things." As the storyline only gets better and with the series renewed for a second season, more and more information about Eleven is being discovered.

Recently, IGN interviewed the British actress portraying Eleven, 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown. She was asked about the role she has been portraying on "Stranger Things" and how the show has gotten such positive reviews. She admits to how excited she is about filming the series and how she is even more excited to watch it after filming.

Even Millie Brown Doesn't Know Who Eleven Really Is

Of course, Brown was asked if she had any idea how the series will go about and who her character really is. She admits that she doesn't know anything, as the writers don't tell her as well. She knows just as much as everybody else does.

The Duffer brothers are still working their way through the storyline, figuring out some things along the process. In a previous report made by iTech Post, it has been said that the questions remained hanging during the first season will be answered in the second season of "Stranger Things."

There will be more to be told about the character of Eleven, one that Brown herself is also curious about. She is also interested in Hopper's backstory, hoping that will be explained in season 2. She also wants to know where she came from and what happened to Mike that has made him socially awkward and more.

Brown Expecting Flashbacks During The Second Season

Brown personally hopes for more flashbacks to happen during the second season of "Stranger Things," just to further explain the storyline of the series. Just like any of the viewers and fans of the show, she has also gotten herself hooked on the series and continually wonders what will happen next.

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