'Stranger Things' Season 2 Update: 5 Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Netflix hit series “Stranger Things” couldn’t get any better and millions of their supporters came out with interesting, mind-boggling theories about the upcoming season.

Eleven And The Monster Are One

"I am the monster," Eleven said. Such remark of Eleven could be attributed to her taking of the blame for all the chaos that is happening. It could prove otherwise, though. One Redditor posted the theory, “There's a very real possibility that she is the monster. Or the monster is a manifestation of darkness inside of her. Her encounter with the monster is literally in her mind, not in the dark and gloomy Hawkins.”

The Upside Down Is Eleven’s Imagination

A curious fan has a theory and that was noted on his social media account. Eleven has mind powers that can control her surroundings, the people and situations around her. She can be as influential as she wants that she has made the town of Hawkins as her coping strategy.

Hopper Is Eleven’s Father

A prior report of iTech Post mentioned that Eleven could be Hopper’s daughter. Hopper had lost her daughter and the show did not show any casket nor recount into details as with the death. From there, fans theorized that Hopper and Eleven are blood – related. Adding to this is Hopper’s leaving of Eggo waffles in the woods. Did he know that Eggos are Eleven’s favorite snacks?

The Nancy and Jonathan E-News

ENews mentioned that fans have reached a hypothesis saying that Nancy and Jonathan will end up together. Apparently, Nancy appeared lonely and isolated in her last scene with Steve on the couch.

Will Byers Is Half Monster

Since Will had a contact with the mysterious monster, that would transform him to a monster as well. Having said that, he will possess the black forces of evil and will threaten other characters. He will also have the powers of transforming his physical form to suit certain situations.

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