Pokemon Go Player Fined $425 For Doing Youtube Stunt

Pokemon Go is indeed becoming a huge hit even more through the passing of time. But a man who wanted to make fun of the viral hit game went up the next level, as he was making a YouTube video that makes fun of Pokemon Go players.

The unlucky man is charged with a fine of $425 and is summoned to appear in court on September 16. The video is posted on YouTube last July and aims to make fun of Pokemon Go players who are addicted to the game.

It is seen in the video that the person tends to be playing Pokemon Go with full focus while bumping on obstacles. He even fell into Lake Ontario and also wanted to traverse the subways tracks in the Union station.

The name of the man is Mark Correia, an actor working for a production company, the Noodle Boys. He is also known to set a world record for the longest time in a straight jacket. He spent 17 days and escaped on it on the last day. This was to raise funds for Parkinson's disease patients.

He tells Star that he hopes that his Pokemon Go video will be viral. Correia says: "This is what has to happen. It's not a surprise. "By making the video we tried to show how stupid it is to do these things... but the TTC can't ignore it."

Brad Ross, the TTC spokesperson says that the acts of Correia are "incredibly dangerous",  for the man could have been electrocuted due to the electrified rail on  the train tracks, or could have also been hit by a moving train.

Ross says: "You can literally, and this is not an exaggeration, be killed. It's why we take this matter so seriously. We don't want people to get hurt. You want to make a fun video, we're up for that. Work with us."

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