Everything You Need To Know About The Black Superman Suit In 'Justice League'

What most people think today is that Superman is already dead, after sacrificing himself to plunge the Kryptonite spear towards the heart of Doomsday in the ending scenes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, what most people also think now is that Superman is not really dead as rumors are spreading like wildfire that he will be back in the upcoming movie, Justice League. It has been proven that Henry Cavill is really on set, but his presence is still not present in the latest trailers released.

This time, Superman is going to look a lot different in regards to how he physically looks; or maybe just the aesthetics of it? Henry Cavill, the actor who plays the Man of Steel, posted a photo on Instagram showing that Superman comes back with a different look to his suit, having the color black instead of the normal red and blue.

The new black suit makes a lot of sense as it is based on the Death of Superman in DC comics, wherein the newly resurrected Kryptonian suits up with a black color to make the absorption of solar energy to be utilized more properly. It is also expected that Justice League will refer more on the comics, with regards to the resurrection of Superman.

Based on Birth.Movies.Death's statement, Superman will be resurrected inside the recovered Kryptonian ship where Zod was submerged by the psychomaniac, Lex Luthor. Surely, the black suit of the new Superman will be a curious site to behold, as it breaks the "commonness" of things.

This is also comparable to that of the black suit that Spider-Man 3 has. Hopefully, the plot is much better than the webhead.

Justice League will be out in cinemas by November 17, 2017.

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