Why The CS:GO eSports Scene Is Not Happy With Valve's New Rule

It's no secret that CS: GO (better known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is among the best multiplayer first-person shooter games of today. Since its release in 2012, the game's player pool has immensely increased. It's even considered as one of the highly celebrated titles in the eSports scene. However, when Valve decided to implement a new rule, it didn't sit well with tmost fans -- especially the pros.

According to Daily Dot, the new rule the studio implemented to CS: GO is the limitation of coaches in every tournament play. Coaches, unlike in the past, will only be given the chance to communicate with their respective players only half-time and/or tactical breaks/pauses.

In the previous CS: GO tournament set-up, coaches are able to go through with their teams all throughout the tournament. With such, teams are given the opportunity to utilize their coaches as in-game leaders, the ones who often call the shots as the real-time game progresses. But with the recent changes, everything's going to be completely different.

Not a surprise really, most CS: GO pro players didn't like its implementation. Some of them have taken their frustrations on social media, letting out their opinions on the new rule. There were even those who suggest about conducting a player strike.

PCGamesN reports that the new CS: GO rule will lower the overall standard of play. And to think, such standard is the reason behind the game's success. Unlike the DotA 2 or League of Legends, the title doesn't have the regular patches so as to change the meta from time to time.

Valve's intention for implementing the said CS: GO rule is to acquire the best five players. And these players, obviously, are the ones using peripherals. Regardless, the eSports scene isn't entirely happy. That most, if not all, of them resorted to planning a boycott of majors as well as the upcoming ESL tournaments.

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