Twitter Suspends More Terrorism Related Accounts; To Open 'High Quality' Filter For All Users

A further 235,000 Twitter accounts have been suspended 6 months into this year as announced today by the social media site through their blog in an effort to mitigate extremism, especially the violent type. ISIS has been actively using Twitter as a means to expand their group and make themselves known to more people.

To counter the said use by ISIS, Twitter has already added more of its crew to the team which reports abuse. They are also maximizing the use of tools to prevent proprietary spam from spreading, which would help detect accounts which may be violating the rules of use of the social media site. The suspensions announced are in addition to the 125,000 Twitter accounts that were taken down in February for promoting terrorism or issuing violent threats.

According to the blog post on Twitter, the initiative yielded positive results, with fewer extremist activities and more accounts suspended.

Twitter has also further updated their tools to now enable users to effectively regulate what tweets they can view and the ones who could contact them through their accounts. Users who have been deemed as trolls can be banned using the notification settings, which would enable users to choose to just see notifications from the ones they follow.

A quality filter can help to effectively sort out good tweets from the bad ones, which include duplicate tweets and spams, so as not to be seen on user's notifications and anywhere else on the social media platform as a way of preventing users from being bothered by these kinds of tweets. Accounts which have been previously interacted with by the user and other users who follow them, however, will not be part of the scope of the filtering system.

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