Wentworth Miller On 'Prison Break' Season 5: It Is Not All That It Seems

When "Prison Break" ended seven years ago, no one anticipated for its return. However, fans of the series must have great powers as the show is now due for its fifth season and more details of the upcoming revival are slowly unravelling.

Biggest Escape Of The Series For The Revival

"Prison Break" is now officially making its return to television and most of the beloved casts from the original series will be returning for its revival. Actor Dominic Purcell, who plays the role of Lincoln Burrows, said that this season will be the biggest escape yet in the entire series.

It can be seen in the trailer released that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is alive despite what was implied during the season four finale that he died in an explosion. He is currently in Ogygia prison in Yemen while Lincoln calls out to Michael's allies to help him break out of prison.

"All is not as it seems" According To Actor, Wentworth Miller

According to Inquisitr, when Miller was asked to describe the situation that he is in now, as dangerous as it is, he said that "All is not as it seems." He will be getting away from an intensely risky situation, and the series is promised to be filled with intensified action-filled scenes.

Michael will not only try to break out of prison but get out of Yemen as well where he is currently imprisoned in. during the trailer, one of the main cast known as C-Note mentioned the ISIS terrorist group, which is causing hindrances in the escape of Michael.

Both the actors who play brothers in the series believe that this season is far better than the past seasons of the series and it should be highly anticipated by the solid fans of the series. It is still unknown how the writers will explain how Michael could have managed to have lived.

Original Composer Of The Series Coming Back To Write Music For Revival

The composer of the "Prison Break" soundtrack Ramin Djawadi also explained his excitement in writing again the music for the series, as reported by Express. It has been ten years since he first started writing the soundtrack for the series and he couldn't wait to do it again now for its revival.

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