'Persona 5' Update: New Dungeons, Persona Fusions And More; Pre-Orders Increase Due To FF XV's Delayed Release

The upcoming sixth installment of the Persona series will highlight new in-game features and gameplay. Based on the reports, the pre-order sales of the game drastically increased due to the delayed release date of the upcoming 'Final Fantasy XV.' The game's developer, Atlus, has released the details of 'Persona 5' on the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu. The video game magazine reveals new gameplay and several screenshots from the future 'Persona' game. It also highlights several additional dungeons, torture techniques and Persona Fusion.

According to Yibada, 'Persona 5' will introduce the Mementos Dungeons feature. These are designed based on the over-all society's heart's reflections. The Mementos Dungeon is an arbitrary dungeon that changes its form every time players move into the zone. Quests regarding on searching and reforming the Shadows that are loitering inside the dungeon are also attainable. However, these Shadows are centered on the general public. Apparently, their action and trends vary according to things happening around such as the weather.

Next gameplay feature is focused on the Personas. Their gained experience points now depend on the protagonist's level together with his Phantom Thieves' allies. In addition, the number of skills that will be carried over during 'Persona Fusion' depends on the number of skills a Persona has acquired. According to Trusted Reviews, Atlus has confirmed new techniques on acquiring Personas. However, no further reports supporting the claim.

'Persona 5' will also improve the game's main highlight which is interacting and forming relationship with several in-game characters. It is reported that the fifth installment will make it more interesting than ever. Lastly, P5 will offer new torture techniques to the players. It was identified as Hanging, Electric Chair and Solitary Send-off.

Hanging technique means allowing players to sacrifice one Persona to gain experience points for the other Persona to use. Electric Chair, on the other hand, enables gamers to generate high-rank item or tool by sacrificing one Persona. Lastly, the Solitary Send-off allows players to release their Persona to train and acquire new skills. 

P5's preorder sales status increased after Square Enix announced the delay of their 'Final Fantasy XV' game's release date. However, Atlus is not worried despite of their on-going competition with Square Enix. 'Persona 5' will be released on Sept 15 in Japan and on Feb 14 in North America on both PS3 and PS4 consoles.


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