How To Be A Pokemon GO Gym Master And Win Battles

Attacking and defending Pokemon GO gym battles can be very interesting in one way or another. However, when it comes to maintaining it, a good amount of effort is quite needed. After all, it's no moonlight and roses, as there are trainers out there who are at top of the competition. Nevertheless, it's possible to dominate, especially if there's a guide to follow.

Save Those Pokemon GO Magikarps

Sure, catching Magikarps in Pokemon GO is not that tricky; plus, when it comes to gym battles, they tend to be useless. This is why most players resort to using other Pokemon in hopes to be successful. Nevertheless, Magikarps are actually a good thing to have. Instead of throwing them away, it's best to save them all up and put them in gyms.You can also check this guide on how to evolve a Magikarp into Gyarados.

Why It's Good For A Pokemon To Be Thrown Out Of the Pokemon GO Gym

The cool thing about your Pokemon being thrown out of a Pokemon GO gym is that you'll have the chance to train a little bit. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to understand which kind of creature you need to put instead. In fact, it's even a good idea to not to try to battle with high-level gyms. After all, you need to be better than the trainer defending it. It's a matter of knowing the right time at the right place.

How To Train Pokemon GO Gyms

Since you're able to beat a particular Pokemon GO gym, you now have the chance to train it. Sure, you can do away with the trick of training lower CP monsters, as it gives 500 prestige points. However, the journey doesn't stop there. Remember that you can always train up to two times less CP creatures. And take note, doing so can help you earn 1000 prestige points. For instance, you battle a 150 Magikarp with a 75 CP Pokemon, chances are, you'll earn the aforesaid prestige. If you battle for 32 times, then it's very likely for your gym to reach level 10.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO guide? How's your gym battle journey so far? Any tips you can share? Go ahead and use the comments section below!

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