‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 News And Updates: Brion To Make Appearance; Show Runners Open To Casting Female For The Part

“The Walking Dead” Season 7 introduces an exciting new character named Brion and the creators of the hit show are casting a male or a female artist for the role.

“The Walking Dead” series is known for traditionally not following the comic books in terms of storyline and its characters. The new addition to its family might not be a grand surprise at all to their long time fans but the character stirs thrills.

Cinema Blend reported that “Walking Dead” producers are casting "Brion" in the group. “Brion” is described as an "educated, poker-faced leader" which indicates an entirely special group is coming beyond the Kingdom survivors. Moreover, the Brion character is reported to be well – traveled and his/her persona is sharpened by life’s experiences; someone who doesn't take emotions to greater heights while self-confidence is always evident.

In the same report, it is noted that the showrunners are looking for either a male or a female to take the role. It is being said that her character is based on Alpha- the comic book character, who is the leader of The Whisperers. The person being cast would be a recurring guest star, set to appear in the 10th and 12th episodes, with the chance to return for the season's final two episodes.

iTech Post mentioned in a prior post that the latest season of the zombie series is expected to display a devastating death. This unfortunate loss saddened the cast themselves and is sure to set the fans into despair.

As with Brion’s choice of group, whether he/she will take the good side or the evil side is a teasing information yet to be revealed. Regardless which team he/she will join, expect that chaos will be more intense in season 7.

Catch "The Walking Dead" Season 7 in your screens on October 23.

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