NBA Rumors: Thunder Superstar Russell WestBrook Opens Up On Post-Durant Era

Seems like the Oklahoma City Thunder is now down with only one star left on their team from their own version of 'Big 4' back in 2011-2012 NBA season. Harden was the first to left when he was traded to Houston back in 2012 offseason. At the moment, another two stars on their roster left as Ibaka was traded to Orlando and surprisingly the former MVP, 4x scoring champion and their former number 2 pick, Kevin Durant headed to the bay area to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

According to Yibada, the spotlight is now focused on Russell Westbrook as the team enters the 16-17 NBA season. The state of the team now depends solely on his contribution and winning mentality. Based on the reports, Westbrook is aware of the situation and says he needs to develop a more winning type of mentality for the team as they move forward. Without Durant, Westbrook can now freely do what he always does on the court without worrying of sharing the limelight.

At the time Durant was around, Westbrook was always put behind the all-star forward despite of showcasing all-star performances every game. He is also been constantly criticized for having a shoot-first mentality. According to The Thunderous Intentions, Westbrook's chance on the MVP race next season is questionable. Even though he is racking numerous triple-double last season, with their notable scorer and inside presence gone, it would be difficult for him to rack the same number of contributions this upcoming season.

However, Westbrooks 'win at all cost' mentality does not discredit what he can do on the court. He is always expected to bring an extreme type of energy that contributes much to the team. He will be expected to bring in his own philosophy of winning to the franchise and somehow change its culture moving past the post-Durant era.


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