Battlefield 1 To Experience Major Changes: What We Know So Far

With the official release drawing near, Battlefield 1 is set to take gaming in a whole new level with its intense gameplay and impressive graphics display.

Battlefield 1 lets players experience dynamic battles as it reinvents the history of warfare in a World War 1 scenario. With massive battles taking place in various locations and powerful weaponry like planes, machine guns, tanks and artillery, players are sure to have an epic warfare experience. IGN puts it as making the old feel new. The game also features an immense 64-player battles that brings even more intensity to the gameplay.

Another major game changer that comes with Battlefield 1 is the weather feature. The dynamic weather system can greatly affect the outcome of any battle thus making it more challenging. According to GameSpot, the changes in weather bring unpredictability to its setting making you lose the battle even if you had the advantage at beginning.

Some of the weather changes that will appear in the game include rain, sandstorm and dense fog. Each has its own effect on the gameplay. Take for instance, rain can distract and distort your sight and attention while dense fog limits your vision making it harder to effectively attack in the distance. On the other hand, a sandstorm not only limits your vision, it also makes it difficult to attack by air.

The destructive environment also adds up to the challenge. GameSpot considers it as an additional layer of flexibility to the game. New sight lines appears as building crumbles, walls shatter as tanks hit them and craters build up from artillery attacks. All these add a touch of realism to the game

DICE has not yet released any information about the frequency of the weather changes. It is still unclear whether the dynamic weather will occur often or not. But one thing is for sure, this is a major game changer and a good addition to the already great game.

Battlefield 1 is set to be out on October 21 for Xbox One, PC via Origin and Playstation 4.

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