Tesla Model 3, Model S & Model X Get 2-Year Lease

The public is aware that Tesla is in the midst of producing its much awaited Model 3. And while the waiting can become a little frustrating, there is the promise of a spectacular motor vehicle can often silence that feeling. However, Tesla has made it easier for interested buyers to get a taste of the electric car life, while potentially saving the sales of its earlier models - the Model S and Model X.

According to Electrek, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already discussed the the company expected lease contracts to increase versus direct purchases. The statement has now come full circle as Tesla has announced that the Model S and Model X are available for a 24-month lease. Two years is, arguably, not a long time to commit to a car. So for those that want to try out an electric car, or are waiting to purchase the Model 3, this is the perfect deal.

The deal is available for grabs only until September 12th. Monthly, interest participants will pay around $593 per month for the Model S, with a downpayment of $6000. As AutoBlog adds, however, the Model X goes up of $730 per month.

The deal becomes cheaper if participants know a current Tesla vehicle owner. With the Tesla Referral Program, participants need only to enter the personal code of a vehicle owner and can get up to $1000 off at the time of order.

The two year lease is particularly perfect for those who have already placed in an order for the Model 3, as it is estimated to be released in roughly the same time frame.

Moreover, Tesla's new plan just might entice environmentally conscious drivers to eventually purchase the company's older models. Currently, there are already an estimated 400,000 pre-orders for the upcoming unit, which means that Tesla might suffer in terms of sales for the Model S and Model X.

Currently, it is uncertain if Tesla will provide the same lease option for the Model 3.

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