Samsung To Sell Refurbished Galaxy S, Galaxy Note Line

Samsung has, undoubtedly, one of the best roster of smartphones in the market. However, there is a relatively large price to pay to get one's hands on one of these premium handhelds. And in a very competitive market, Samsung is starting to lose a growing audience that has started to opt for cheaper alternatives. Not one to get left behind, the Korean tech giant has deviced a plan to reacquire this share of the market.

The Plan

According to Reuters, Samsung has every intention to start selling refurbished phones, which could be available as early as next year. Samsung's plan is actually two fold. While selling refurbished phones, which would come out cheaper than brand new units, could help the company tap into a different market, it will also cut costs.

The Process

Samsung will use high-end phones that have been returned to the company. These units have nothing naturally wrong with them exactly - just that they are relatively old. The units, in fact, will come from individuals that have signed up for Samsung's one-year upgrade program. This program is active in the South Korean and US markets.

The returned or exchanged handhelds, will then be resold back at the market at a lower price. At just one year old, this would be a good deal for those that want the power and design of a premium Samsung device without the hefty price tag.

The refurbishment of the devices, unless something is found wrong with the unit, only really call for a refitting for a battery or casing.

The Price

As Android Authority warns, nothing is sure at this point and Samsung has not released an official announcement. As such, it is difficult to tell just how large a discount the refurbished Samsung devices. However, Apple has a re-sale value of about 69 percent,which could serve as a relatively stable estimate.

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