Statistics Shows That 'Pokemon Go' Popularity Is Now Declining

Just over a week ago, the creator of the hit  video game app, Pokemon Go, has achieved its first 100 million downloads from Google Play Store. This shows that when considering other app stores, it would most probably double in the figure, proving that the game is indeed a very successful one.

Despite the seeming confidence that the popularity of the game will not decrease in the near future, still, speculations remain as to how true this is likely to happen, knowing that most of the gamers only give focus on games that are on "hype". One of the proofs of this demise in popularity is coming from the statistics laid out by Axiom Capital Management, SurveyMonkey, Sensor Tower and Google Trends. It shows that the number of Pokemon Go app downloads are on a steady decrease.

Based on the statement of Axiom Capital Management, despite the number of active Pokemon Go players reaching a staggering 45 million in the third week of July, it still went down to just over 30 million active users in the following month. In the start of July, the game engagement of the game reached a whopping 100%, however, it waned to only 60% by the third week of August.

Despite the fact that virtual reality, as well as augmented reality technology, never ceases to amaze people, what the facts shows us is that the popularity of the game is waning just as fast as how it rose to global popularity in July. But companies are still clinging to their optimistic hopes as the increase of popularity in Virtual Reality gaming is a good sign that Pokemon Go has lots of opportunities to grab despite the present demise of its stardom.

According to Victor Anthony, Senior Analyst at Capital Management, "Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon GO app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on other mobile-focused apps."

The potential fall of Pokemon Go is surely a big relief for other app or game developers out there.

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