NBA 2K17 Update: Developers Working On Improving Every Detail To Make Game More Authentic

2K Sports' primary goal is improving their games every year to make them more realistic compared to every game available on the market. With this year's NBA 2K version, 2K Sports is focusing on its visual concepts and gameplay improvements for fans to enjoy playing the game. Based on the reports, every released trailer reflects the current affairs in professional basketball.

According to IGN, during the Gamescom presentation of 2K Sports, it started with the focus on basketball in Europe. Based on the presentation, Pau Gasol and Danilo Galinari will be the cover athletes of the game on their respective regions; Gasol for the Spain and Galinari for the Italy. In addition, Euro League would have 21 updated teams on the game for the first time.

Reports say that integrating Euro League in the past had been difficult for the team due to the unsynchronized timeline. This year, Euro League has adopted to the new format which enables 2K to start the scouting of teams that is to be included in the game. Fans are also excited of the announcement on the return of the 1992 Dream Team which was last seen playable on 2K13. It will part of the pre-order bonus.

According to PopSci, aside from the Euro League involvement feature, 2K are also leaning towards improving their gameplay and visual presentation. Based on the reports the team has been doing improvements mainly on the graphics, shadows and revamp the lighting on various arena. That means fans can now distinguish the diversion of each and every arena in the game.

2K has also been so thorough on their algorithms and physics. It will be expected to have an improved dribble motion, offense and defense system, more intelligent AI movements and new ball bouncing physics which most of the fans are annoyed with the previous ball physics. The game is also expected to add more details on the player's movement both on offense and defense. Aside from the signature celebration, a new types of reaction depends on the situation will surely excites the fans.

2K Sports games are looking sharp going to the future. In addition, rumors said that 2K is not done yet and will release more announcement as time passes by. So stay tuned.


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