'One Punch Man' News And Updates: Season 2 To Be Released After English Broadcast Of First Season?

By Marion Villareal , Aug 24, 2016 04:48 AM EDT

It has been months since the first season of "One Punch Man" came to an end and the release date of the series' second season has been highly anticipated by the fans. There have been reports claiming that the second season may be released after the English-dubbed version of the first season is finished.

Series Creator Yusuke Murata Currently Working On Season Two Of "One Punch Man"

It has been reported for months now that the series creator, Yusuke Murata, confirmed that he is now working on the second season of "One Punch Man." This confirmation got the fans of the anime series excited since even though there is no release date yet, season two is definitely happening.

According to International Business Times, one of the reasons that the second season is getting delayed is because Murata was busy with other commitments, including another anime series that he is currently working on. However, even though he is already working on the second season of "One Punch Man," he cannot yet confirm when this will be premiered.

Season Two Waiting For The Conclusion Of English-Dubbed Season One

There are also speculations that the reason the second season release date has not yet been announced is because of the season one English-dubbed version. The network is allegedly waiting for the English version to be finished airing before they release the second season. Even though the fans are excited about having the English version of the series, airing the second season may hinder the viewers from watching the former.

Season Two Of "One Punch Man" May Be Announced On September This Year

As reported by Asia Starz, the announcement of the second installment premiere date of "One Punch Man" will be made sometime around September, and it will be aired between October and November.

When the first season of "One Punch Man" has come to a conclusion, it ended with Saitama finally defeating Boros. There have been allegations that the latter will be coming back for the second season again, not accepting defeat from the former.

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