Tom Clancy's The Division Update: Servers Expected To Go Down This Week; Survival DLC September Release Revealed

Truth is, there's nothing new about Tom Clancy's The Division servers going down for maintenance. It has been a permanent thing in the game since time immemorial. So, in a sense, this week is no exception -- players might be experiencing another downtime (or perhaps not). The only catch, however, is that Massive has yet to confirm everything. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated DLC titled Survival is finally getting a shot next month.

Just last Thursday, following the downtime of Tom Clancy's The Division servers, the game's respective developers and publishers held the so-called State of the Game. The main purpose of the event is to discuss any possible upcoming features and or fixes. However, as previously reported here at iTech Post, the people behind the title admitted that the game is currently in a broken state.

Obviously, almost all -- if not all -- Tom Clancy's The Division fans know exactly what's happening inside the game. But it was perhaps the first time in the history of State of the Game that such news was revealed. The developers iterated that the game is, in one way or another, broken and would require some serious yet rigorous amount of work.

With such revelation, it might be safe to say that the servers of Tom Clancy's The Division could possibly enter a limbo. Perhaps a scheduled maintenance, or more probably a move to start fixing report bugs and issues. And if this is case, then it's only right for players to, say, let their hearts out and let the developers know of the ongoing problem. That way, it'll help them mitigate the issue.

In related news, the new Tom Clancy's The Division DLC titled Survival is expected to arrive sometime in September. Although its release date remains a mystery, the upcoming content is set to give players some challenging feats.

According to The Bitbag, the said Tom Clancy's The Division downloadable content is believed to primarily feature Manhattan's winter weather. Players will find themselves in a journey to acquiring resources so as to battle the cold, chilly atmosphere.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Tom Clancy's The Division? Do you believe the developers will be able to straighten things up? How about the Survival DLC? Any thoughts about it, too? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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