Galaxy Note 7 vs Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Chinese Tech Company Challenges Samsung On US Soil

Xiaomi defies the odds by battling up with the tech giant, Samsung, to improve its reputation and to potentially increase its sales. But is it really worth the try?

Xaomi Mi Note 2 Overview

Xiaomi is a very aggressive campaign as it wanted to get out of the nutshell by tapping into the American market, with its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Mi Note 2. Based on a statement released by Bloomberg, the Chinese phone maker confirms its plans to enter the US market to increase its sales and reach.

Hugo Barra, the Vice President of Xiaomi says that the U.S. market "is a market that we definitely have in our sights." The vice president also confirms that it had previous plans years ago in taking on the American market, but 2016 is the most favourable time for them to enact their long-awaited mission.

Bara adds, "We will lead with social media, with the channels that allow us to get in touch with the young generation that is enthusiastic about new technology. We are definitely going there."

Galaxy Note 7 Review

On the other hand, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is set to be released on September 2. This would surely be a barricade for Xiaomi's ambitious plans of suddenly entering the American market.

What makes the Galaxy Note 7 a wonderful option to pick is that it features a very light and slim design; making it not feel like a phablet despite the 5.7-inch size. Though it is not bigger than its counterpart the S7 Edge, the phone is still way more user-friendly.

The Galaxy Note 7 is also one of Samsung's phones that will be waterproof, similar to the S7. What makes this even more compelling is that the S Pen which is inside the phone will also be a water resistant one.

The Galaxy Note 7 will also likely to feature a 4K or a 6K resolution.

With this, the expansion of Xiaomi's reach is not as easy as it sounds as it will face one of the biggest names in the phone industry - Samsung, and its Galaxy Note 7, being a direct competitor of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

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