Overwatch Plans To Unveil Another Character Named Sombra; Release Coming Soon

Lately, Overwatch has been too busy sending out intriguing clues regarding on the mystery of Sombra. The game's community is currently trying to connect these set of clues and hoping to get some answers. Unexpectedly, Blizzard Entertainment has posted a strange post on their official forum last night. The message was in binary form that was later decoded as '23.' It was rumored that the value was more of a countdown than the 'other' thing since it is constantly reducing. It seems like this new character is nearing to be released.

According to IGN, upon calculating the said post, the expected revelation will run at around 11AM PT; 2PM ET; 7PM BST and 11PM AEST. Sombra will be the 23rd character on the 'Overwatch' roster. She follows the last released character Ana Amari who was known for her support role with her Biotic Sniper Rifle. Based on the reports, some of the clues leads to Ana revealing her medical records. Several other clues revealed are related to the previous clues about Sombra.

Most of the clues are encrypted in a Spanish phrase. Some of it are decoded from the ASCII art skull which all leads to this new 'Overwatch' character. According to Polygon, Blizzard has sent players digging into a rabbit hole through their set of clues that are basically interconnected. It leads them to explore all sorts of avenue in order to find the true meaning of this suspicions. The latest post from last night, which appeared to be a 'glitch' post, is considered as the final piece of the puzzle rewarding the effort of the players.

It was somewhat a tiring act for some due to the type of technique used. However, based on the reports, most of the fans are having the coolest experience during that time. In addition, Sombra's official revelation could bring ease on the community after an action-filled summer games event plus the series of teasers regarding the new character. 


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