Overwatch Update: Hanzo And Soldier 76 Get Makeover As Players Wait For Sombra

Overwatch fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sombra, who is reportedly the game's upcoming character. Meanwhile, Blizzard has recently made some adjustments with Hanzo and Soldier 76.

Enter Sombra

Recent speculation suggests that Sombra might make an appearance any time this week. The rumors about the new character were sparked by a Spanish message posted in the blizzard forum. Readers would see the message morphing into a Reaper, some errors coming out. Later, a message appeared that turns out be coded in Base64 and another message this time, written in Spanish is revealed, according to Gamespot.

The message led Overwatch fans to a supposed error page written in Spanish. Most players who went to the site made the inference that the upcoming character will bear the name Sombra. This speculation has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard. Nevertheless, Overwatch's official Reddit site is filled with players talking about the Sombra teaser.

Meanwhile, Blizzard posted some of the adjustments made on Hanzo and Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 Weapon Spread

The developer tinkered with the character's weapon spread. Burst firing's affectivity has been increase and max spread hits are now more accurate especially when targeting enemies in long range.

Hanzo's Projectile Size Lowered

Hanzo was regarded as a very strong character in Public Testing Realm or PTR. So strong, that Blizzard has decided to cut his projectile size by a third. Hanzo's old projectile size combined with his projectile speed may cause a performance imbalance compared to the other characters in the game.

To keep it fair, Hanzo have to make do with a reduced projectile size. Blizzard assures though that this Overwatch is still powerful and deadly enough to play.

Quick Melee and Ultimate Abilities

The Overwatch developer also made some adjustments in using quick melee and abilities at the same time. Characters like Tracer can execute the Blink ability during quick melee. However, ultimate abilities will prevent characters from engaging in quick melee.

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