'Hunter x Hunter' News And Updates: Chapter 361 To Release In 2017 As Writer Yoshihiro Togashi Suffers Health Issues

Manga enthusiasts remain to be on the edge of their seats as they eagerly await the release of the hit series "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 361.

The controversial manga has been on hiatus multiple times in the past. It can be recalled that the "Hunter x Hunter" series was put on hold around 2014 and just recently returned in April this year. The manga's 360th chapter entitled "Parasite" was rumored to end the series.

However, Ecumenical News previously reported that fans can expect to see another chapter amidst the publication's indefinite break.

The series of hiatuses have been linked to writer Yoshihiro Togashi's health issues. The 56-year-old manga artist has been suffering from recurring back pain. The said issue has caused delay in production particularly in chapters 360 and 361. It was said that Togashi's health is getting worse as the years go by.

There are also reports that new writers were hired hoping to resume the production of "Hunter x Hunter" with Togashi acting as the consultant. Apparently, the manga artist was not happy with the output. Movie News Guide reported that the producers decided to put everything on hold until Togashi fully recovers. They also claim that they do not want "to damage the entertainment value of the franchise."

On the other hand, fans are speculating what could possibly happen in "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 361. It can be recalled that in chapter 360, Nen beasts were puzzling Kurapika. The beasts seem resistant to physical attacks and can control people at will. In the upcoming chapter, it is expected that Kurapika will continue to investigate the real deal inside the Black Whale. She will also deal with Nen beasts who she suspects to be responsible for the increased number of killings.

Although no confirmation yet, fans believe that Yoshihiro Togashi can get "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 361 out soon and is looking forward to a March-April 2017 release.

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