Apple To Create SnapChat Copy: Tech Company Stretching Itself Too Thin

Apple To Create SnapChat Copy: Tech Company Stretching Itself Too Thin
Apple is alone in the iOS side of the tech market. It is because of this that the third party companies pay extra thought into app compatibility and why the Cupertino-based company tends to make its own applications instead.. Photo : Carl Court/Getty Images

While the rest of the smartphone market share an Android operating system, Apple has complete freedom to do what it deems fit for the iOS. And because of this exclusivity, third party developers have had to make certain changes to make their applications compatible with the iOS. Still, there are times when Apple itself makes an in-house application to combat these developers.

For example, Apple has FaceTime, while handhelds running on Android depend on third party applications like Viber and WhatsApp. Most recently, however, is Apple's upcoming SnapChat-like feature.

SnapChat For Apple?

According to Business Insider, the Apple application will allow users to share videos with other iOS users. Just like SnapChat, users will be able to add filters, decorations and effects to these videos before sending the same to friends. Once approved, the tech giant can roll out the new application by 2017.

Despite Apple's history, the company's Senior Vice President Eddy Cue has clarified that "We don't do every app." Instead, Apple focuses on specific applications that will only better the iPhone experience.

Why Is Apple Forcing The Issue?

While the company's actions are not exactly questionable, it does beg to ask why Apple sees the need for it. Control, is likely one of the bigger factors. Profitability, of course, is another. Because of the monopoly over the iOS branding, Apple has free reign to price third party applications as it sees fit. It then only becomes natural for iPhone users to opt out of using these applications.

Of course, a free feature is not always better, especially when it does not stack up to its priced competitors. And in this, Apple had the occasional fall - iTunes Ping and the Connect feature in Apple Music. As such, Apple has taken a lot of time and money into investing its app development. This way, the company can promise a great experience along with its exclusivity.

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