Crucial MX300 2TB SSD Drive To Be Sold For $550

For PC gamers today, the most important storage device that one could have is an SSD drive. Unlike HDD drives, SSD drives don't have moving parts and retrieves data much faster. These two features are important for any gamer. Crucial is coming out with a large capacity SSD drive in the 2TB MX300, which is designed to satisfy any PC gamer.

Just like any SSD, the Crucial 2TB MX300 uses flash memory. In this case Crucial is using Micron's first generation of 3D flash memory, according to Tom's Hardware. What is notable with the Micron flash memory is that it uses a high density 384-bit die with three-bits-per-cell memory.

The selling point of the Crucial MX300 2TB SSD drive is its price. It will be retailing at $550, which is cheaper than other SSD drives with that capacity. For instance, the Samsung 850 EVO sells for $624.99, while the 850 Pro is at $831.99. The Other World Computing Mercury Electra Max sells at $600. With only few 2TB SSDs out, Crucial's 2TB MX300 could be considered a bargain.

However, CNet has reviewed Crucial's MX300 line of SSD drives and has found them slower than Samsung's 850 EVO. This is because the Crucial MX300 doesn't boost data movement speed by using the host computer's cache system, something that the 850 EVO does. When it comes to gaming, data retrieval can be very important.

CNet did note that overall Crucial's SSD drives are much cheaper, and this is again proven by the 2TB version of the MX300. What it also lacks in speed is made up by data protection: the MX300 has an AES 256-bit data encryption. This has been noted to be ideal for those who might want to keep their protected from others.

Crucial's MX300 comes with a three-year warranty. This again has been noted as somewhat shorter than Samsung's five-year warranty on the 850 EVO. Still, its warranty is long enough for those who would use the coming 2TB version of the MX300.

The Crucial MX300 2TB SSD drive is seen as a more affordable alternative to the more costlier ones for the same storage space. It would be a good upgrade for those who want much storage as well as a fast drive. For gamers the Crucial MX300 would be a good addition to their gaming hardware.

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