Wolfe Turns The MacBook Into A Suitable Gaming Platform

The MacBook Pro can do a lot of things, which is why it is one of the most popular notebooks. But with all its technology, Apple has not come close to being able to claim that it has the graphics capability to support gaming titles - most especially virtual reality ones. However, there is a Kickstarter campaign currently ongoing that could change this.

As Slash Gear notes, most laptops do not have the graphics to play high-end games. As such, most players have taken to adopt the help of graphic amplifiers. These devices allow laptops to use the power of a separate graphics card, outside of the actual laptop. Theoretically, Mac users could take advantage of them as well. However, these amplifiers do not currently support Mac units - as Apple has a very standard set of hardware that just cannot handle it.

Fortunately, Wolfe is now available. According to BGR, the Wolfe acts very much like the regular graphic amplifiers. That is, it is an external device that can house the most modern of GPU models that is compatible with the MacBook Pro, as well as other Mac products.

Of course, the Wolfe is not only compatible with Mac devices. In fact, any device with a Thunderbolt port can partner up with it. However, it was built more specifically to cater to Mac users. The catch is that it can only work with either a half-sized NVIDIA GTX 950 card or a 970 card. However, it is possible to plug in multiple Wolfes to the notebook, as long as the software being used can handle multiple GPUs.

Currently, interested buyers and investors can provide help via Kickstarter for $449. If all things go according to play, the device will be ready for shipping by March next year. Afterall, the goal was $50,000, but has already reached $200,000 worth of pledges from 500 backers.

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