'The Ark' Release Date & Rumors: New Bible-Based NBC Drama To Be Set In The Modern Day?

NBC is currently developing a modernized retelling of the famous Bible story "Noah's Ark." Even more interesting is the fact that the new drama, entitled "The Ark," will be set in Space.

It's not a gigantic boat trying to survive a flood but a spaceship trying to escape the end of the world. NBC has stated that the series will be a modernized version of Noah's Ark that will be well-grounded, Entertainment Weekly reported.

"The Ark" is penned by excellent newcomer Daniel Kunka (12 Rounds), who was featured in the Black List for having the best unproduced script. Other productions under his belt are the period epic "The Battle of New Orleans" and "Yellowstone Falls."

The plot will be about an engineer who was trying to create a ship that can sustain life on outer space after his wife died, which happens to be in time with the world's destruction. This is when our heroine thought "there may be a larger story at play," NBC further explained.

NBC has bought the "high-concept" drama from 20th Century Fox TV and ImageMovers owned by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Cast Away), Deadline reported. Zemeckis and his partner Jack Rapke will co-produce the drama together with NBC's Jackie Levine, and Robyn Meisinger and Adam Kolbrenner from Madhouse Entertainment.

The story of "The Ark" calls for a lot of curiosity, like how big can it be to contain every pair of animals? How can it sustain oxygen? Will it land on another habitable planet (if there is any, why not?) or float in the universe forever?

The most recent retelling of the Noah story was on the 2014 box office movie directed by Darren Aronofsky and starred by Russell Crowe.

WATCH: Trailer of 2014 "Noah" movie:

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