'Death Note: Light Up the NEW World' Premieres This October; Live-Action Movie To Air In Australia And New Zealand

"Death Note" fans, check this out! The fourth installment of the hit Japanese live-action movie, "Death Note: Light Up the NEW World" will be out in Japan on Oct. 29.

In the original franchise, Light finds a notebook which has the ability to kill anyone upon writing their names on its pages. He later utilizes the notebook to seek criminals and pass judgement on them.

According to Movie News Guide, "Death Note: Light up the New World" will kick off with a time jump as the story will take place 10 years after the original "Death Note" films.

In the latest movie, one of the most anticipated plots will involve the "Six-Note Rule" wherein only six "Death Notes" are allowed to exist. The Shinigami (Gods of Death) are no exception to this rule, thus limiting them to have only six in existence. It can be recalled that the same applies in the manga version but not in previous adaptations of the franchise. This makes "Death Note: Light Up the NEW World" a bit different from the rest of the series.

Fans can expect to see cast members Masaki Suda (Yūki Shien), Sousuke Ikematsu (Ryūzaki), Masahiro Higashide (Tsukuru Mishima), Rina Kawaei (Sakura Aoi), Mina Fujii (Shō Nanase), Eiichiro Funakoshi (Kenichi Mikuriya), Eiichiro Funakoshi (Kenichi Mikuriya), Erika Toda (Misa Amane), Shidou Nakamura (Ryuk), and Sota Aoyama (Tōta Matsuda).

“Death Note: Light Up the NEW World” will also invade the international scene as it is set to screen in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand this year. In fact, Madman Entertainment has released an English-subtitled trailer on Thursday. There are currently no final words as to when and where exactly it the film will premiere, but reports claim that it’ll be confirmed in the near future.

For now, fans can check out the display of props used in the film in the upcoming “Madman Anime Festival” on Sept. 3-4 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

In line with the latest movie, a three-episode prequel miniseries entitled “Death Note: New Generation” will premiere on Hulu Japan on Sept. 16. Each episode will showcase the backstory of the film's three main characters. Based on an Anime News Network report, the three episodes will be titled “Shinsei” (Rebirth), “Ishi” (Dying Wish) and "Kyōshin" (Fanaticism) respectively. The narrative of the prequel episodes will basically tell the story of the main characters’ journey to the Death Note task force.

Meanwhile, the original “Death Note” franchise is also currently under production in the US. It will be heading to Netflix after Warner Bros allegedly dropped it. Directed by Adam Wingard, “Death Note” is expected to be released in 2017.

“Death Note: Light Up the NEW World” premieres Oct. 29 in Japan. An international release is expected to be announced soon.

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