Apple iPhone 8 News & Update: All You Need To Know

While the vast majority of Apple's fans is still focused on waiting for the iPhone 7, it's the iPhone 8 set for a 2017 release date that might be more interesting to wait for. The cutting-edge gadget will come to celebrate the iPhone's 10th anniversary with radical redesign and packed with stunning features and specs.

iPhone 8 Radical Redesign

The iPhone 7 might disappoint those waiting for radical changes. But for those Apple fans willing to wait it out, the iPhone 8 set to come on the market in 2017 could be an incredibly intriguing device, according to a report published by BGR. Echoing previous rumors and speculations, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the iPhone 8 will discontinue the mechanical home button that has been an Apple brand image staple until now.

The report claims that Apple is working on a major redesign of the iPhone model for the year 2017. According to an insider source, the Cupertino-based high-tech company focuses in particular on the redesign of the iPhone's display by removing the Home button.

Previous sources have also suggested that Apple will integrate the home button on the iPhone 8 into the display itself sitting flush with the display and resting atop of a series of touch-sensitive sensors. These sensors will vibrate when pressed, giving users the illusion that the completely stationary button can be depressed. A similar design has been already implemented by Apple on the trackpads of its line of MacBooks.

One of the reasons Apple decided to get rid of the iPhone's home button is the fact that an embedded home button would match well with the iPhone 8's previously rumored edge to edge display. There are also rumors claiming that Apple will introduce with the iPhone 8 a third iPhone model with a curved OLED display. It is unknown at this point if the edgeless display will be a feature reserved for a Pro model or every iPhone 8 model will come with an edgeless display.

iPhone 8 Rumored Features And Specs

The iPhone 8 could come with an anti-theft system able to capture the photos and fingerprint of a thief who stole it. On a patent filed back in April, Apple describes a way of storing biometric data one the system detects an unauthorised user.

This anti-theft system could help identify the person responsible of stealing the phone. The system could as well be used for providing information useful to recover the stolen device.

According to PCAdvisor, the iPhone 8 could also feature possible biometric features such as iris scanning or facial recognition. It might be powered by an A11 processor built on a 10nm process and will feature wireless charging for the first time.

iPhone 8 Release Date Rumors

It is still early to talk about the iPhone 8 release date, while waiting for the iPhone 7 launch date. It is not even certain that the upcoming Apple device is even going to be called that. However, it seems certain that Apple will launch a new flagship mobile device in 2017.

The iPhone 8 release date is likely to be in September 2017, if Apple keeps its tradition. But since 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone launch, the release date isn't quite as easy to predict as normal. The Cupertino-based high-tech company might mix things up a bit and do something special to celebrate the special occasion.

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